Thursday, November 14, 2013

Always go to bed with a good book, or with someone who has read one!

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She's the talented writer in charge of our sexy mood column in RJmag. We particularly love her last piece from our Books & Men issue, Sexy Men Read ;-)
Wanna know why? read on...

Been a long drive to the mountains this morning. I just regret getting in the car in the first place.  Looks like everyone and their kids are heading to the slopes today. Like a grumpy cat, I park and take my skis from the trunk, then head to the terrace for a quick coffee fix.  A quick look across from me and I see HIM through the cover of Pale Fire by Nabokov. 

OMG! Who is this man? Who gave him that? Is that a gift from a wife or girlfriend? Is he in a book club? And then I forget the jam packed roads and I start to fantasize about this stranger. What genres he’s into and what books did he read. I want to know him in the literary sense. I like a man with brain. A man who knows how to use it. Is the snow melting already or is it just me? Stranger with a book... take me away. 

There are plenty of attractive men in the world, but unfortunately few of them are avid readers. I personally find it super sexy when a man picks up a book and reads. Truth is, no matter what the media tells us, people find intelligence attractive in a mate. We want someone who can keep up with us and get our jokes, who can understand the secret parts of ourselves yet also stimulate us and help us discover new things. We like the guy who can pass us a book we’ve never read before, and not be so set in his business books that he can’t pick up Bukowski or Joyce Carol Oates sometime. I saw a man reading Fountainhead on the plane the other day, and I nearly died. I wanted to have my picture taken next to him and the sexy book, and flaunt it on facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. 

Sure men’s taste in music says a lot about them, but an easier way to judge how open a guy’s mind is to look at his book collection and see what he is putting in that brain of his. Inspecting a guy’s reading list offers us a glimpse into his psyche. Is he into fiction? Is he only interested in obscure books that you’ve never heard of? Does he only pick bestsellers from the local bookstore? Or rely on some bookworm’s recommendations? Reading allows us to see what’s under the surface of someone and realize that this hot guy might be more than what he seems. 

In a society where we become jaded as we come to believe everyone is the same, books offer the promise of something different, another world opening up to us. 

Let me put it in plain language: reading increases knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power is sexy. Voil√†! 


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