Wednesday, March 21, 2012

> Travel: MEXICO the Caribbean eden

There are many regions to explore in Mexico, but Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean cost is definitely the most bewitching destination along with the magnificent Yucatan, home of the Mayan civilization.

>Relax! if there's one thing you shouldn't miss on the Caribbean, it's the Caribbean itself: indulge in warm turquoise water and pinch yourself to make sure it's not paradise.
For a more accurate description: the pictures of this report were not photoshopped!

>Swim with the dolphins: Take a glimpse of the dolphin’s tactile nature as these amazing animals cheerfully vocalize while you gently stroke their soft skin.

>5th avenue: it is definitely not new York’s 5th , but strolling down this pedestrian street between the restaurants and souvenir shops is classic holiday delight…

>Tortillas and tequila: after beach fun and shopping what could be better than having a bite a perfect drink and going dancing? Take your pick between 5th avenue’s international restaurants and then move your hips at the Deseo Lounge or the Blue Parrot!

Don’t miss

>Chichén Itzá: Experience the richness of Mundo Maya, the Mayan World KuKulkan Pyramid in Chichén Itzá, known as “El Castillo” (the Castle), is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. The site exhibits a multitude of Mayan architectural periods, and is simply majestic.

>Tulum ruins: Tulum’s greatest attraction is its location. Tulum was a major link in the Maya’s extensive trade network. Both maritime and land routes converged here. It stands on a cliff facing the rising sun looking out on views of the carabbean that are nothing less than spectacular.
Riviera Maya
Crab House Cancun
Chichén Itzá
The Deseo boutique Hotel

Where to sleep

>Deseo Hotel: The name of the sleek Playa del Carmen party hotel means desire!

>Al Cielo: XPu-HA beach, the best kept secret of the Riviera Maya.

Where to eat

>Crab House Cancun: Dive up to Cancun for an amazing meal.
Telephone 998 19 30 350

>Los Almendros: This small, rustic, traditional Yucatan food.
On the corner of 10th Avenue and Calle 6

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Report: Kat Asmar 
Photography: Ghassan Koteit