Tuesday, July 10, 2012

>RJ at GeekFest Beirut

On July 5, GeekFest Beirut took place at The Alleway in Gemmayzeh and our
creative director Maya Metni did a small presentation about the GeekChic fashion trend:

Basically she explained that at the end of the eighties and the start of the nineties,
supermodels became the new rockstars and inspired generations...
They also made it possible for designers to shine. So Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford
and John Galliano decided they are so popular they could be in their own
ad campaigns instead of their models!

Karl Lagerfeld however, waited for the GeekChic trend to come because he knew
it was going to be huge! He is now a big time geek and his brand Karl for example
only sells online!
He was 100% right because geeks are now kicking ass! Pete Cashmore from mashable
is now modelling for GQ's fashion editorials and Steve Jobs black turtlenecks went out
of stock the week he passed away... Geek streetstyle and fashion bloggers are front row
on the catwalks near big fashion gurus!
Watch the video for some inspirational geeks and the RJ #HowTo guide... 

There was also the Geeky fashion show, in which RECTANGLE JAUNE participated...


Looking forward to the next GeekFest Beirut!

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