Thursday, December 1, 2011

Geek is the new Rockstar!!

Haven't you heard? The coolest kids on the block are Geeks!  
Pete Cashmore (Mashable), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Kevin Rose (Digg), Biz Stone (Twitter)... When Steve Jobs died, St. Croix turtlenecks sales increased almost by 100%! 
Nerdy hipster is no longer out of fashion...
Geeks are coming back with their vintage style and their heavy plastic black-rimmed glasses, the traditional trademark of geek culture. Many celebrities are embracing geek style: Johnny Depp (for years now), Justin Timberlake, Alicia keys, the fresh and upcoming blogger Louise Ebel... It is cool to be geek.

 Depp with his inseparable glasses ...

 Jude doing his geek charm.

  Leighton Meester in Missoni Chic.

 Miss Pandora: Louie Ebel...

 RJ geek chic inspiration

How to dress Geek Chic 
  • Wear the right T-shirt. Any color, preferably featuring a print relevant to geek/nerd culture.
  • Wear the right sweater and the right vest: Check above for RJ inspiration.
  • Converse trainers are a key choice. There are lots of colour options and they go with casual and smart clothes. Loafers and derbies are ok too, providing you get the right pair: Check the Hampton Collection at all RJ shops.
  • Your hair has to be messy as if you were in front of the computer the whole day with no time to check the mirror.
  • Forget style rules. If it works, whatever the colors and patterns, then it's all good.
  • When buying your  glasses, make sure they suit your face.
  • Think retro. Look at vintage pictures of film stars and adapt their style to look contemporary.
  • Avoid overdoing things. Most people often try to overdo dressing by wearing way too many accessories and clothes. Keep it simple.
  • Own your identity!

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