Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SM is the new black!!

Haven’t you heard? Social media is the hottest trend right now!
As part of Social Media Week in Beirut, Fashion & Beauty panel, RJ SM team was invited to share the RJ experience in the social media adventure.

We talked about our path in that virtual active world: We started with the history of RJ back in the 80’s, our interaction with our customer database since then, and our eagerness to know more about them that had led us to embrace social media.

 We may have just arrived to the social media party but we are making up for lost time! 
We’ve integrated SM as part of our marketing strategy, we created our facebook account, twitter account and the RJ blog: a wide platform to keep you updated with the latest trends in fashion, lifestyle, design, sneek peeks, inside stories and more..
We have installed two giant screens in our new flagship store in ABC achrafieh so that customers can check our FB page or read our twitter timeline while shopping...

Customers are showing us a big support by interacting and sharing nice comments on the facebook wall.

To keep our page active and to reward our loyal customers we have just launched a T-shirt design competition where anyone can participate and find his creations in our shops regionally! for more info [Link]
On Twitter, we create a buzz asking our followers to vote for the #FF follow Friday of the week, the tweep who gets the highest rate wins a special RJ T Shirt.

We have learned a lot from this experience because we are using social media to share, to take feedback and to listen; Not only to sell our products!... Social media gave us the opportunity to know you better and to communicate with you in a personalized way.

Special thanks to SMWB and to Monica from 90:10 Group.


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